Dear Christine:  

   I first heard of Hoodia Hoodia on a 60 minute TV interview (the interview Beverly mentions with Jen was with 

   Dallas 11 News with Mary Stewart), with Jen several years ago. I was fascinated with her story and with what I

   learned about your product.  I called your 800 number with a few additional questions and to place an order and

   to my surprise, Jen answered the phone.  An hour later, all my questions were answered, and I couldn't wait to  

   receive my first bottle of Hoodia Hoodia. 

   This product lives up to its promises.  I have, because of the lack of local availability of Hoodia Hoodia, tried

   other products claiming to (contain Hoodia).  "Contain" is the defining difference.  Your product IS Hoodia and

   that difference is what makes you so unique. It kills my appetite,  my cravings, and my eager anticipation of my

   next meal.  I have recommended Hoodia Hoodia to all my dieting friends and they are equally as impressed.

   Taking Hoodia daily allows me to feel satisfied with smaller portions and achieve my weight loss


   Thank you for making Hoodia Hoodia in the U.S.

   Beverly Edelman - Dallas Texas



   I just wanted to let you know how amazing your product was (not that you can’t possibly know already!). I  

   broke my leg over 6 years ago and gained approximately 60lbs. In the last 8-10 months I started taking 

   hoodiahoodia and have lost over 40 lbs! My knees feel better and I am able to do more. There is less strain on

   my arthritic ankle and I eat far healthier. I have done little exercise as my capabilities and range of motion had

   left me limited. With the weight loss that I have had, which, I can only attribute to hoodiahoodia, I am able to

   actually ride my bike now and walk more. The feeling is fabulous. I also attribute my now HEALTHY cravings 

   to hoodiahoodia as well. I don’t crave “junk” food but rather healthy salads and meats and veggies in the

   RIGHT portion size rather than over eating. It has truly been liberating!

   What struck me as the most amazing “side effect” of hoodiahoodia, is that I was on several medications for

   ulcers and it appears that the hoodiahoodia has helped me to “heal” or get rid of them! I have no more gastric

   upset and stomach pain and am off all ulcer medications. What an amazing side effect! Again, I can not

   attribute it to anything but hoodiahoodia. That is the only thing “different” I have done.

   A healthy weigh without ulcers! I couldn’t have asked for more!

   And, on a “quality vs. quantity” note.....I ran out of hoodiahoodia and was unable to get more “fast

   enough” begrudgingly purchased a “mass-market” hoodia (allegedly) product. I had to take twelve vs.

   the regular hoodiahoodia of 4 a day that I normally take! NOT a savings and now I know better. Quality!!

   Always choose QUALITY! Quality = HoodiaHoodia every single time.

   Thank you everyone and keep up the AMAZING work. My health depends on it!

   All the best,
   Tannas Walsh


   It’s So Easy!!!

   I’ve been battling the weight thing for most of my life but just recently in the past two years I have given birth

   to my son.

   Shortly after I had a back injury that I was not able to bounce back from.  I did all the medical formalities that

   were suggested to me.  One doctor told me that the major problem with my back is the excess weight. So I did a

   lot of researching for something in the natural form and found HoodiaHoodia. I was a little skeptical at first

   that this plant can take away your appetite, but the following day I took the capsules I noticed I wasn’t hungry,

   it was so weird for me.

   The weight came off a little slower than I would have liked because I was not able to do the exercising that I

   should have but I was restricted in doing that because of my back. I couldn’t lift any kind of weights or do any

   kind of physical activity, but Hoodia has helped me lose so far 40LBS and I feel great.

   Thanks so Much for giving me my life back!!

   Linda C
   Whitby, ON


   I love telling people exactly what product I used to lose the weight, I don't think they believe me!!

   I have been using your product for four months now and am completely satisfied with my results. I have lost

   over 28 pounds in three months and continue to lose approximately 2 1/2 pounds per week using only Hoodia

   Hoodia.  The product is by far the most successful for me because it suppresses my appetite and allows me to

   lose the weight at a reasonable rate.  When I am hungry, I am making the conscious choice to have healthy foods

   and the only other change
   I have made in my diet is to drink more water.  I am not an exerciser by nature and have no willpower to add

   exercise to my lifestyle just yet.  I have more energy now thanks to HoodiaHoodia and even my doctor supports

   the product after seeing my results despite my lack of contributing to weight loss through exercise.  I will always

   have this product around for as long as it is available.  I did a lot of research on the internet about the various

   forms of hoodia and found that this particular product received the highest accolades and is actually guaranteed

   to be pure.  I did try a similar product from the drug store and was sorely disappointed to find that it did

   absolutely nothing to suppress my appetite.  I look forward
   to achieving and maintaining my goal weight and love telling people exactly what product I used to lose the

   weight so far.

   I still keep a picture of myself pre-loss on the fridge to remind me of how I don't want to look anymore.  Thank

   you for convincing a skeptic of the benefits of using HoodiaHoodia.

   Kind Regards,
   Puslinch, Ontario


   I have gone from a size 16 to a size 8 ( I am 5'8") and maintained my weight loss. I have been taking Hoodia

   since the Fall of 2004.  Since that time I have gone from a size 16 to a size 8 ( I am 5'8") and maintained my

   weight loss.  I started with this HoodiaHoodia product and it worked REALLY well!  I was so delighted as I have

   battled a voracious appetite all of my life.  I lost the weight with HoodiaHoodia and eating healthy.   But I am  

   never hungry on HoodiaHoodia.

   Over the years, for convenience reasons, I have tried about 5 other Hoodia products...(there is little cost

   difference, but sometimes it seemed easier to order all of my supplements from the same source) BUT THEY

   DID NOT WORK!  I was always extremely disappointed.  I never got the appetite suppressing effects that I got

   from HoodiaHoodia.  So after a few days on the other Hoodia products, I would give up and return to the only

   Hoodia product that really worked:  HoodiaHoodia.  I have quit trying other products and I am now completely

   loyal to HoodiaHoodia.  HoodiaHoodia is a God send!
   I sometimes wonder what will happen to the reputation of Hoodia as a supplement in general.  It can't be good

   because none of the other products I tried really worked.  I hope that others come to realize that the

   HoodiaHoodia product offered on this website is DIFFERENT and very effective!  I am so glad that I tried this

   product first or I probably would have given up on Hoodia if I had started with any other product!

   Sugar Land, Texas


   By using Hoodia the past year, I have approached each day with growing confidence. Hoodia is a

   comfortable, natural and convenient  product that feels like a good friend, comfortable slipper or a favourite

   T-shirt. By using Hoodia during the past year, I have approached each day with growing confidence. I feel strong

   and healthy. 
   Ordering,  payment and delivery of Hoodia is fast and efficient, thanks to the extremely helpful, efficient people

   at HoodiaHoodia. Kudos to you! 

   Sharon A.
   St. Catharines,
   Ontario, Canada


   I have lost 38 pounds...

   Just thought I would send you an update about my progress -- I just passed an important milestone, moving

   from the Obese BMI category (30) to Overweight (29).  I have lost 38 pounds so far, going from 221 to 183.  I

   still have another 50 pounds or so to go, but with Hoodia to assist me I have no doubt that I will make it.

   H. Feddema


   Hi guys!
   I've tried everything from so-called "fat blockers", vitamins and even acupuncture and hypnotherapy.

   I have to say, I'm a believer! I was skeptical at first to try your product. I've tried everything from so-called "fat

   blockers", vitamins and even acupuncture and hypnotherapy.  I lost some weight doing Atkins but it was a battle

   and over time, I gained every single pound back.
   After hearing about Hoodia Hoodia on a local news program, I decided to try it.  The first day - it worked

   immediately. I've always been a big-time eater...LOVE food and usually ate more than my boyfriend did!  But,

   from the first day, I noticed I wasn't starving all the time.  I was able to get through my day without obsessing

   about food.  When it was time to eat, I was able to make smarter choices because I wasn't famished.  I went from

   grabbing a quick meal on the go to steaming up some broccoli. My energy level has improved drastically.
   Well, since May to date, I've lost 42 lbs. The more weight I lost, the better I felt and I began exercising and the

   weight just fell off. I went on holiday in Europe for a month this summer and actually lost weight!
   I can't recommend this product enough.  Everyone I know sees the dramatic change in me and asks, "where do I

   get this stuff?"....I'll be sending them your way, guys.  Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you for making such a

   fabulous product and for your great customer care and service (Christina and all of you are awesome!)
   P.S.....I'll keep you posted on my progress. I'm getting married next summer and have got about 20 lbs. to go!
   Many thanks,
   Toronto, ON


   I first started taking Hoodiahoodia when I was having a very difficult time sticking to my very low calorie diet

   (my very first diet ever),  which I was "cheating" on left and right due to the hunger pangs and the constant   

   thoughts of craving food which I couldn't have. Finally, after much research, I discovered Hoodiahoodia and

   knew I had to give it a try if I had any hope of succeeding in my diet. Wow! What a difference it has made! Since

   taking hoodia the last 2 months, I have not only been able to stick to my low-calorie diet and have lost 38 lbs

   altogether, but I am no longer obsessed with thoughts of wanting eat what I should not be. I know I couldn't have

   done it without Hoodiahoodia's support. I was failing miserably without it. And now, my hunger pangs or

   thoughts of food have disappeared without the jittery "diet drug" like effect from other products. I'm hugely

   indebted to this product. I still have another 30 lbs to go, but with thoughts of food no longer in my mind (since I

   don't have any hunger on hoodia whatsoever), I am able to enjoy other activities & my hobbies and am

   confident that the rest of the weight will come off in due time with Hoodia as my support. I would have never

   ever guessed that I would actually be a fan of a weight loss aide (as I'm normally quite skeptical of any "diet"

   products), but since I've had such a huge success with HoodiaHoodia, I can't NOT share what I've been really 

   thankful for!
   Shrina Bevins



    The testimonials below were written by our regular customers that lost the bulk of their weight with

    HoodiaHoodia and continue to use it to maintain their weight, in some cases for many years.

   Whether they've put on a few extra lbs over the winter from being stuck indoors or indulged too much 

   over the holidays, they want to get that weight off before summer comes and they do it with 


   Testimonials are not easy to get as many people don't like to share the intimate details of their trials with

   weight loss in public.  Some don't want their names published so they ask that we include only their

   initials and others want to shout about their individual success from the roof-tops.

   However they come to us they are much appreciated and we thank all of these people for sharing their 

   experiences giving hope to others struggling just as they did before they found hoodia.

   Exerpt of actual user reviews on

   "...I tried it and had great success. It really does keep your mind off of food. I would recommend it to

   any friend of mine. I've looked around and very few products on the market are pure hoodia like this

   product is. I'm still using it for maintenance to keep my weight off."  



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